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Check Out This New Old School Soundcard - This Week In Retro 83

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9th July 2022 54 min

On this episode of This Week In Retro we look at another new soundcard for old PCs, this one is for those on a budget. We talk about some of the negativity that has been directed at the creators of Return to Monkey Island. Can you believe that the Atari brand is now 50 years old......50! Finally, have you ever felt like you wanted to run Windows 95 on your Sega Genesis/Megadrive? You can and it's fun!!

All this and we check out your answers to our community question of the week!

00:00 - Show Opening

04:37 - A new budget minded soundcard for old PCs

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14:45 - It is easier to destroy than to create

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27:57 - Atari brand is 50 years old

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37:11 - The Genesis of Windows

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41:34 - Community Question of the Week

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This Week in Retro is a weekly roundup of the hottest stories from the world of retro gaming and computing, voted on by you, the listener! Hosted by Neil from RMC , Chris from 005 AGIMA and Dave. Edited by Duncan Styles.

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MK 8330 Announcement on -

"mikeyeldey95 for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive - Releases June 24, 2022" Courtesy of mikeyeldey

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