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Hello Cave Dwellers and welcome to The Cave

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A place where the history of technology is explored, enjoyed and celebrated with your host and keeper of The Cave, Neil.

What began by innocently sharing a hobby on YouTube in 2017 has evolved into a thriving channel of over 100,000 subscribers at where popular formats including "Trash to Treasure", "Retro Road Trips" and "Show & Tell" episodes see Neil restore, preserve and protect retro technology.

Key to this mission is the people! First-hand accounts as told by those who started the industry are captured by Neil in the "Retro Tea Break" series which is now a published book to ensure these stories are forever remembered.

The Cave has evolved with the growth of the channel from a single table in a spare bedroom through to a dedicated studio space in which Neil produces videos full time and has ambitions to further develop RMC to become both a digital outlet and a real world destination in which visitors can get hands on with tech history.

Please enjoy your time in The Cave and thank you for visiting.