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Does Thrifting Still Pay? This Week In Retro 44

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10th July 2021 49 min

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Video Contents:

00:00 - Show Open

01:00 - A Wild Gunman Has Been Found

07:52 - A New Amstrad Quarterly

20:50 - - Save 10% with code TWIR10 at checkout

22:01 - A Tie Fighter Revival

29:17 - Thrift Stores Cash In On Retro Games

44:38 - Community Question Of The Week

Story Links:

A Wild Gunman Has Been Found

A New Amstrad Quarterly

A Tie Fighter Revival

Thrift Stores Cash In On Retro Games

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Episode 44 Credits:

"Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine (second issue)" by bochalla is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

TIE Fighter Total Conversion footage courtesy of yt/Angel

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