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SEGA Takes Down Art Book? - This Week In Retro 114

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4th March 2023 1 hr 3 min

Joined by special guest The Brent from ARG Presents we talk about the potential negative side of nostalgia from retro collection. We check out a blending of two classic Star Trek games, can you take a 1978 text adventure and give it the user interface of a game from the 90s? Yeah, turns out you can. Finally, it seems that SEGA has issued a cease and desist against the publishers of a Megadrive/Genesis based art book.

All this and our Question Of The Week. Which machine won out, Atari ST or the Amiga?

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00:00 - Show Opening

11:57 - All Things In Moderation

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29:00 - To Boldly Go Where 1978 Went Before

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41:05 - If You Can’t Sell It, Give It Away.

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51:18 - Community Question of the Week

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