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Goodbye To The Z80 CPU - This Week In Retro 168

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27th April 2024 1 hr

The Z80 CPU has come to the end of its run, after 48 years it finally goes out of production. There is a resurgence in analogue tech and media. Just how crazy can a printer from the 1990s drive you? These topics and more are covered in this episode of our retro podcast.

We also have your answers to the last show's Community Question Of The Week.

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00:00 - Show Opening

06:25 - Zed’s Dead Baby. Zed’s Dead

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17:22 - Woah, Slow Down There Technology

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34:37 - Dave's Housekeeping

Sonic Calculator:

David Thorpe:

Retro In Japan:

C64 Beats IBM Quantum?:

Riqa, The Lost N64 Game:

5 Reasons To Play DOS Games:

Golden Axe TV Show:

44:06 - Ink Jet Fury!

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52:42 - Community Question of the Week

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Episode Credits

Parts of "I bought a 25-year-old printer & regret EVERYTHING" courtesy of LGR

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"Z80" by Mark Ramsay is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

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