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ZX Spectrum | Ghetto Graphics & Colour Clash

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9th October 2017 12 min

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Today we're focusing on the distinctive graphical style the ZX Spectrum had, including the famous colour clash, why it looked like this, and how game designers overcame the limitations.

Where's the repair!? - In part 1 we had a broken ZX Spectrum which we took a tour of and I talked of repairing it. As it turns out, all it needed was to be re-capped with new capacitors and it came to life. I thought that wouldn't make a very interesting video, so we're going to explore what made the machine unique over the rest of the series. Once complete I'll release the full series and re-edit episode one a little to give better continuity.

If I should come across a broken Speccy in future it will get the T2T treatment.

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Aurora Borealis - Bird Creek

Move That Azz - MK2

Shaken - Riot

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We Always Thought the Future Would Be Kind of Fun by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



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