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Sharp X68000 Expert - Figuring out a Japanese Gaming Workstation

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22nd April 2021 19 min

The Sharp X68000 Expert is a firm favourite here in The Cave. A workstation used by gaming greats such as Capcom and Taito to create huge arcade hits, and as a result it is home to some of the most perfect arcade game ports. It is of course a hugely capable workstation computer as well, but that's a bit difficult to explore when you don't speak Japanese! Today I face the challenges of using a Japanese exclusive machine here in the UK and figuring out how to make it accessible to visitors to The Cave.

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00:00 Intro

01:09 Thank you to our Sponsors

01:29 Unboxing the Sharp X68000 Expert

05:20 Machine inspection Sharp X68000

09:40 Power Up Test

11:30 Video output from a Sharp X68000

14:00 Adding a SCSI harddisk to the Sharp X68000

17:50 Conclusion

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