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Thomson MO5E Prototype | Show & Tell with Bastien

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8th November 2018 31 min

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● Description

Following up on the Thomson History episode lets take some time to use the machine and chat about the experience of Bastien who grew up with the machine.

● Music

RMC Show Theme by Timm Richter

● Additional Information from Bastien

A lot of the resources we mentioned, including games, are available

from Daniel Coulom's website, including links to ordering SD card

adapters, and many more hardware hacks:

Discussion about the video RAM initialisation behaviour on the MO/TO

ranges in French here:

Peritel is Frankenstein's monster, SCART is Dr Frankenstein:

If you enjoyed the games inspired by classics, you can try "La Mine Aux

Diamants" from back in the days, but also this Jetpac inspired beauty:

It unfortunately doesn't run on our MO5E.

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