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Building the Worlds Newest Amiga - The A500++ (2/4)

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3rd October 2019 22 min

🛠 Buy an A500++ PCB: Rob is the man who makes the 500++ PCB, you can buy one by emailing him on

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Buy an A500++ PCB: Rob is the man who makes the 500++ PCB, you can buy one by emailing him on

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Part 1: Unboxing the Checkmate 1500+ Case:

Part 2: Building the A500++ :

Part 3: Upgrading the A500++:

Part 4: Test driving the worlds newest Amiga?:

● Description

The Commodore Amiga is a computer close to the hearts of many retro computer fans, but as time goes on the Amigas are dying, not least because of the dreaded Varta battery leak so common in the A500+. Today we build the worlds newest Amiga. A new PCB, a new case and new upgrades will all come together to create my ultimate new Amige.

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