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Six Historic Atari Curiosities | Show & Tell

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3rd February 2022 42 min

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Atari! From the Pong to the ST, 2600 to the Jaguar, you can bet you've had some experience of using an Atari device. Today we get to explore some interesting consoles, computers and....things... produced by them with thanks to Rees from Ctrl-Alt-Rees who is giving us a Show & Tell that makes use of the entire Cave.

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Ctrl-Alt-Rees |

Behind the scenes making this video!

Playlist of featured items on Ctrl-Alt-Rees |

● Chapters

Intro 00:00 01:27

The Atari Video Music System 01:49

Atari Pong home 09:47

Atari 260ST 14:45

Atari 2800 20:39

Atari 5200 27:05

Atari Sparrow Prototype 36:06

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