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RMC Live | Amiga at the Movies with Oliver Harper & Friends

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29th September 2018 3 hr 6 min

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● Description

RMC Live is back and this time we're entering the world of movie games on the Amiga. A land with a fearsome reputation but we're determined to find some diamonds in the rough. We're joined by movie critic Oliver Harper who will be shedding some light on the movies we play and letting us know just how true the games are to the movies they emulate.

All played on real Amiga hardware!


Oliver Harper -

Gary Pinkett -

Andrew Dalton -

● Music

Fright Night - You Can't Hide From the Beast Inside

●Outro Clips

The Running Man

The Rocketeer

Back To The Future Part II

Predator 2

Jurassic Park

Return Of The Jedi

The Spy Who Loved Me

Rambo III


Ghostbusters II


  • commodore amiga
  • amige
  • retro gaming
  • movie games
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