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Rare Sega Mega-Tech Arcade - Strip Down and Rip Apart | Trash to Treasure

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15th January 2024 23 min

Sega's Mega-Tech arcade cabinet is a rare find, especially for this price, but have I made a big mistake? Bought sight unseen on Ebay today we start a new Trash to Treasure series and figure out if we can make it look and run like new.

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● Chapters

00:00 Sega Mega-Tech intro

01:26 Where I bought the Sega Mega-Tech

02:50 Who are

03:15 What is the Sega Mega-Tech

07:04 Stripping out the CRT's

14:34 Stripping out the wiring loom

16:21 Games for the Mega-Tech

17:47 Wiring loom continues

21:52 Closing Thoughts

23:30 Credits (with the wrong voice over for public release)

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