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Maxing out the Atari 520 STFM with upgrades

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19th August 2021 21 min

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What upgrades can we get for the Atari 520STFM? Today we try to max out the Atari ST to make it as powerful and convenient to use as possible. Then we get to enjoy some Atari ST games and consider our first impressions. How did the ST stack up against the competition, would we have been pleased with this in the '80s instead of a Macintosh, PC, Archimedes's nemesis, an Amiga? Let's find out!

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00:00 Intro

01:20 Upgrading RAM on an Atari 520STFM

03:47 Who are

10:30 Upgrading TOS on an Atari 520STFM

13:03 Modern upgrades for an Atari 520STFM

17:55 Closing thoughts on the Atari ST

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Part 2 Maxing out the Atari ST

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