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BBC Micro - Did The UK Get Computer Literate in the '80s? - Trash to Treasure (Pt3)

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23rd January 2020 34 min

● Description

We continue exploring the BBC Micro computer. In part 1 we learned all about why this machine exists, today we look inside the machine and see what hardware is inside.

Paint and supplies used in this video

Primer - Sikkens Spot Primer Grey (

(Alternative: Hycote Plastic Primer Grey Part: Grey XUK612)

BEBR0060 "Fiat Truck" - This was the paint that was too light in colour

The final colour was matched to Hex Colour Code: #d3c9a3 and was mixed by the garage for me - details to follow

Lacquer: Renault product. Part number is 77 11 421 109. You may not be able to buy it over the counter but ask your local dealership if you need any

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Pt4 - TBC

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●Music used in this series

Atomic Numbers 1 - August Wilhelmsson

Digital Sadness - August Wilhelmsson

Final Wave 1 - August Wilhelmsson

Forever Working - August Wilhelmsson

Isotopes - August Wilhelmsson

Just Another State of Mind - Colors of Illusion

Low Sun - Farrell Wooten

Santosha - Van Sandano

Stargazed 3 - August Wilhelmsson

All Around (Instrumental Version) - Particle House

Never Leave the Stream - Chaxti

Pinea - Curved Mirror

Rhythmania 2 - August Wilhelmsson

Would You Find Me - Chaxti

You Thought I Knew (Instrumental Version) - Particle House

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