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How fast can YOU run Quake? This Week in Retro 34

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18th April 2021 46 min

How fast can you run Quake on a 486 retro computer? Today Neil from RMCRetro and John from The Amigos Podcast discuss The Quake Olympics, looking back on Amstrad's aquistion of Sinclair, a new way to access the internet on retro computers, and Atari Lynx comeing to the MiSTer! All this and more in "This Week in Retro" - Also available on your favourite podcast apps.

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0:00 Show Open

0:35 486 Quake Race

8:42 Looking back at the Amstrad acquisition of Sinclair

18:05 What's new from

19:30 Frog Find Internet Search for Retro Computers

31:45 Amiga Forever 9

32:53 Atari Lynx on the MiSTer

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This Week in Retro is a weekly roundup of the hottest stories from the world of retro gaming and computing, voted on by you, the listener! Hosted by Neil from RMC and John Shawler from Amigos Retro Gaming.

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MiSTer FPGA: Lynx Core Status and Features video courtesy of FPGAzumSpass -

AMD X5-133 Overclocked @180MHz / RECORD FPS in Quake/ PCI Clock Checker Tool video courtesy of CPU Galaxy -

"File:Working-Sinclair-QL cropped.jpg" by Working-Sinclair-QL.jpg: Telecarlos derivative work: Regi51 is licensed under CC BY 3.0

"Sinclair C5" by Annie Mole is licensed under CC BY 2.0

"File:Atari-Lynx-I-Handheld.jpg" by Evan-Amos is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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