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How do you make the SEGA / Amstrad Mega PC even more mega? | The Mega Card

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16th December 2021 19 min

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The Amstrad Mega PC is a curious thing, part PC, part Sega Mega Drive, all wrapped up in Amstrad cost efficiency. Who wanted this thing? Well not many people as we discovered in the T2T series on the channel, but now someone has gone above and beyond in getting the absolute best out of the machine with a quite amazing upgrade, the Mega Card.

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● Chapters

00:00 Intro

00:59 The Mega Card for Amstrad Mega PC

03:02 Who are ?

03:29 Installing the Mega Card for the Amstrad Mega PC

08:08 Testing out the Mega Card in the Amstrad Mega PC

17:38 Thoughts on the Mega Card

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