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Flight Sims ARE Cool - This Week In Retro 140

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23rd September 2023 1 hr 7 min

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We are back to take a look at how a Sky Skipper cab, apparently the rarest of the Nintendo arcade machines, has been recreated. One of the latest space based games has a knowing nod to the grand daddy of all space games, we mean Starfield and Elite. Finally there is a great show from the 1990s called Computer Chronicles which took a look at flight sims of the era. It is up on YouTube for all to see and is well worth a watch.

All this and our Community Question Of The Week!

00:00 - Show Opening

12:50 - Skipping Across The Sky

Story Link:

30:07 - Thou Lingering Star

Story Link:

41:18 - Chronicling Flight

Story Link:

59.55 - Community Question of the Week

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