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Flash - Saviour Of The Internet - This Week In Retro 138

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9th September 2023 1 hr 13 min

This week we are joined by Lee from More Fun Making It and his son Thomas. They are here to tell us about how you can bid for a very special ZX Spectrum and support a good cause. We also take a look at the new anniversary arcade cabinet from Atari and we ponder if Flash games are retro and take a look at an online museum for classic Flash content.

All this and your answers to the Community Question Of The Week

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00:00 - Show Opening

04:43 - Befriending Spectrum Owners

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17:53 - Atariโ€™s Newest Arcade Cabinet

Story Link:

42:23 - Flash! I Love You!

Story Link:

01:04:02 - Community Question of the Week

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