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Amazing Retro Tech Deliveries and Donations [May/June 2021]

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27th May 2021 44 min

The outpouring of support for the channel in recent months has been incredible, and it's no more obvious than the boxes arriving daily here at The Cave. Today it's time to unbox the retro you've kindly sent in, and it's the most astonishing unboxing experience I've ever had the pleasure of filming. Thank you.

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00:00 Intro

00:30 Thank you

03:48 Box2

04:53 Box3

06:00 Box4

07:32 Box5

09:25 Get your act together Neil

10:38 Box6

14:07 Box7

15:22 Box8

19:40 Box9

20:40 Box10

22:14 Box11

23:42 Box12

27:27 Box13

29:36 Box14

30:10 Box15

32:07 Box16

34:40 Box17

36:00 Quick Fire Round!

37:00 Box18

38:12 Box19

39:25 Box20

40:48 Box21

42:52 Outro

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