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ZX Spectrum Heaven and Hell | Show & Tell | Vega+ Omni and more

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30th August 2018 25 min

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Marks Website:

Mark on YouTube:

Zaxon (AKA) Piotr Bugov sells via SellMyRetro and is responsible for the Turbosound FM Spectrum Soundcard, Just Speccy 128 and also manufactures Mark Smith’s SLAM replacement ULA modules amongst other retro goodies :

The ZX Omni is created by Djordje Mitic, with board design by Don Superfo. It is a product, with a UK reseller at

The ZX-HD, amongst other things is made by Ben Versteeg at

The Dandanator Mini multi ROM cart is made by Dan Dare and is available in self build and prebuilt kits:

The spectrum diagnostics ROM is called ZX Diagnostics by Brendan Alford:

● Description

MarkFixesStuff takes me to ZX Spectrum Heaven and Hell with two clones of the iconic system and an array of extras available for modern ZX Spectrum fans.

● Music

Retro Show - Timm Richter

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