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What's on these found Retro Computer and Gaming VHS Tapes? | Tech Nibble

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24th February 2024 32 min

Capturing VHS tapes is the order of the day. Come and hang out with me as we explore a pile of tapes and see what secrets are hiding on them.

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● Chapters

00:00 Introduction to a man watching VHS tapes

01:35 What I'm capturing with

04:13 Who are

04:39 Microprose F19 Stealth Fighter

06:52 Virgin Games 1991 Reel

12:46 PC World Setup Guide

17:11 Activision Movie Games

19:29 Commodore Companion Guide

22:48 Sunday Times Guide to Windows

25:01 Virgin Games 1993 Reel

29:03 Outro

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