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Trash to Treasure | Pioneer Laser Active | Megadrive, PC Engine, Karaoke, it does it all!

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10th January 2019 25 min

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The Pioneer Laser Active was a games console for the richest. Vastly more expensive than the systems supported it offered a convenient entertainment hub with a price tag to brag about. Commercially it was a failure, technically it was flawed and many of the 10,000 systems produced have been destroyed by that flaw. We discover why it has a reputation for terrible capacitors and just what it's all about while attempting to repair it.

  • sega
  • pc engine
  • retro
  • nostalgia
  • turbografx
  • genesis
  • repair
  • fix
  • trash to treasure
  • retro man cave
  • capacitors
  • recap
  • pioneer
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