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The Sharp X68000 Pro Review - Japanese Gaming Workstation

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16th August 2018 23 min

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● Description

The Sharp X68000 is an astonishing range of computers. A workstation designed primarily for games and released only in Japan, today we take a look at the "Pro" model from 1989. A home arcade, Capcoms arcade development machine of choice and an all out power house. Lets see what it can do!

● Further Reading

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● Music

Retro Show - Timm Richter

Heaven and Hell - Jeremy Blake

Orange Octopus - Unicorn Heads

Seductress - Francis Preve

Shoulder Closures - Gunnar Olsen

Weirder Stuff - Geographer

Fortress Europe - Dan Bodan

Genocide 2 - X68000 BGM

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