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The Evolution of the Commodore Amiga CDTV - Trash to Treasure (pt3)

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25th March 2021 29 min

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What did the CDTV evolve to become? Today I look at the story of the Commodore CDTV from set-top box to fully fledged desktop computer. We upgrade my CDTV using some modern upgrades to see if we can make it into a more useful device, and we explore some of the original CDTV titles. You've probably seen "The Town with No Name" over on AVGN, but it gets a lot worse!

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0:00 - Intro

01:06 - CDTV Finally Becomes an Amiga

3:17 - Who are PCBWay?

3:56 - My CDTV Upgrades

06:16 - CDTV Upgrade Box of Tricks!

09:02 - Software for the CDTV

17:00 - Test Driving my upgraded CDTV

25:22 - The Legacy of the CDTV

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