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The Atari Jaguar Needs Good Games - This Week In Retro 171

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18th May 2024 56 min

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When you need him most he will be there! He stands tall, gazing into the middle distance while holding a bowl of noodles and hoping that his makeshift table cloth cape will billow in the breeze! We needed help this week and so, like the hero he is, he stepped forward and saved the day!

Once again Radio is going to be used to distribute computer code. Find out what and where. JagJam 2024 hopes to bring some top notch games to Atari's Jaguar console. Back in the 1980s there was a home automation system that didn't require the internet (it did require you to read a hefty manual though).

Plus more retro computing news and the all important Community Question Of The Week!

00:00 - Show Opening

08:30 - Radio Return

Story Link:

Play Kontrabant 2:

17:08 - Good Jag Games At Last. Maybe?

Story Link:

JagFest 1999:

31:11 - Dave's Housekeeping

Tetris Hack:

Retro Magazines:

Don't Stop Using Floppies:

Gaming Addiction:

Atari Carts Broken:

Retro PDF Printing:

38:17 - Iโ€™m Sorry Dave, Iโ€™m Afraid I Canโ€™t Do That

Story Link:

48:29 - Community Question of the Week

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This Week in Retro is a weekly roundup of the hottest stories from the world of retro gaming and computing, voted on by you, the listener! Hosted by Neil from RMC and Dave. Edited by Duncan Styles.

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Part of "Free alarm sound effect - Alarm (enemy detected)" courtesy of J- Rod


"Atari Jaguar console" by Easterbilby is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

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