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The A500 Maxi Announced - This Week In Retro 146

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11th November 2023 1 hr 1 min

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We return after a week away with a fantastic guest in *Iain Lee,* he has launched his own retro podcast called *Random Access Memories* which he tells us all about as well give his thoughts on this week's retro computing stories.

Those stories are the unveiling of a release roadmap by Retro Games which includes the much anticipated full size version of their The A500 (dubbed the Maxi while we wait for the official name). We also find out that the Pope is backing a scheme to encourage people to get coding! Finally, there is a report which suggests that current efforts towards game preservation are failing!

All this and more including the Community Question Of The Week.

*You can check out Iain Lee's shows here:*

00:00 - Show Opening

10:19 - Full Sized Minis

Story Link:

31:06 - Code With Pope

Story Link:

Additional Link:

42:19 - Dave's Housekeeping

45:52 - Torching The Legacy

Story Link:

55:32 - Community Question of the Week

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