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Switch Emulator Taken Down - This Week In Retro 161

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9th March 2024 1 hr 8 min

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Music on physical media is on the rise but did you know that Floppy Disks are included? Nintendo has shut down a Switch emulator, do you are agree that it was promoting piracy? Broken Sword is returning with a remaster, the kickstarter is live and has already smashed the goal, are you onboard?

All that and some extra stories in Dave's Housekeeping and the Community Question Of The Week.

00:00 - Show Opening

05:10 - Who Sues Yuzu?

Story Link:

25:15 - The Medium of Music

Story Link:

37:24 - Dave's Housekeeping

Retro Scammer:

Atari ST on Raspberry Pi:

Ebay Humans Aren't All Bad:

45:28 - Sword Reforged

Story Link:

57:47 - Community Question of the Week

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