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Restoring a rare Japanese Games Console with a Celebrity History

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1st June 2021 25 min

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NEC's PC-FX was the successor to it's popular PC Engine, taking on the Sega Saturn, Atari Jaguar, Sony PlayStation and 3DO video game consoles. Commercially the PC-FX flopped, never selling outside of Japan. Today we fix and restore a celebrity console sent in by a very special game dev after he had a barbeque with it. Can we fix the PC-FX, and if we can, are the games worth it? Let's find out.

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00:00:00 Intro and how the NEC PC-FX came to RMC.

00:01:01 Unboxing the PC-FX.

00:02:37 A brief history of the NEC PC-FX console.

00:04:38 Thanks to this episodes sponsor - FANHOME.

00:05:29 Disassembling the NEC FC-FX to find that smell!

00:06:21 Interview with Mike Dailly - Creator of Lemmings, GTA and donator of the PC-FX.

00:16:47 Looking at the PC-FX FX-BMP Backup Memory Pack.

00:18:43 Testing the PC-FX and Gameplay.

00:21:52 Our conclusions on the PC-FX PSU repair and thoughts about the games we played.

00:24:27 Patreon Thanks and Credits

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