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Rare Sega Arcade Found in Irish Fields | This Week in Retro 28

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27th February 2021 38 min

In retro news this week the legendary 3DFX Voodoo GPU has been reverse engineered by Anthony and we can finally see how the unreleased Voodoo 5 6000 performs. Is VR for you? How about 8bit VR? If modern VR motion sickness doesn't get you then strap in because 8bit VR is going to test you to the limit. A rare Sega R360 arcade has been found rotting in a field in Ireland, will it get an arcade restoration? Is it an RMC Trash to Treasure candidate? And finally we discuss SD Card solutions for the MSX computer as well as our retro community question of the week.

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Intro 00:00

Reverse engineered 3dfx Voodoo 5 6000 00:33

A VR Treadmill on 8bits 09:20

Can abandoned Sega R360 be restored? 18:03

Best SDCard solution for MSX? 25:26

Where to buy Amiga and C64 upgrades 31:17

Community Question of the week 33:05

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1. Reverse Voodoo Engineering

2. VR on the CoCo

3. Rare arcade found rotting in field

4. A new SD Card solution for the MSX

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