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Neil's Epic Skidmarks - This Week In Retro 70

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2nd April 2022 1 hr 14 min

Did you miss us? Back after a week off and with another guest presenter. Say hello to Dean AKA MeanMachineDean. He joins Chris and Neil to talk about video game dioramas, fun racer Epic Skidmarks, Currys giving you money for your old tech and the new VR game from Ken & Roberta, the founders of Sierra.

Things may look a little different, we have moved from editing on Movie Studio to Davinci Resolve. I tried to keep the same layout but made a couple of tweaks. That pretty much took up my free time on our week off!

Once you have watched our show, put in your best times on Epic Skidmarks!


00:00 - Show Opening

00:26 - Hi Dean

09:00 - Size Matters (Biggie videogame diorama)

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23:48 - Epic Skidmarks

Story Link:

42:49 - Cash for Trash

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54:40 - Ken & Roberta’s Big Reveal

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01:06:29 - Community Question of the Week

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Episode Credits

"Biggie Video Game Diorama" courtesy of Duane Shoots Toys


Please check out all his amazing photos.

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