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MiSTer Multisystem FAQ and Launch - A Consolised MiSTer FPGA System for Retro Gamers

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30th September 2021 1 hr 34 min

The MiSTer Multisystem is now available here:

Find out more about the Multisystem on its official page at:

Join the RMCretro chat server where we have a Multisystem support section:

Contact us for support with purchasing:


00:00 Intro

02:57 What is the MiSTer Multisystem?

05:57 What changed on the final Multisystem board?

09:47 How did the beta testing go?

11:33 When can I buy the MiSTer Multisystem?

11:46 Will the MiSTer Multisystem ship internationally?

14:11 What cases will be available?

14:24 Does the case come as standard?

15:28 Can you buy the Multisystem without a case?

16:16 Who is producing the cases?

17:54 Will there be a yellowed case option?

19:10 Will an injection moulded case be made?

21:20 What does the case feel like?

22:16 What's included in the Multisystem kit?

24:56 Is software included with the Multisystem?

26:53 What does the 2 year warranty cover?

28:25 Can I buy the Multisystem without RAM?

29:35 How many units will be available at launch?

31:18 Will the case withstand the heat?

36:22 Can you mount the MiSTer Multisystem in a PC Case?

39:28 What's the big orange component?

40:32 What systems are supported?

44:39 Will you provide software updates?

45:50 Can it run Playstation, Saturn and N64?

48:32 Is there a limit to how many times the FPGA can be reconfigured?

49:43 Can I use a CD drive or physical cartridges on MiSTer Multisystem?

51:01 Is there room for internal storage devices?

54:41 Is WIFI or Bluetooth built in to the MiSTer Multisystem?

55:38 Is there no better way than RJ45?

56:43 How did you design the MiSTer Multisystem on a 4 layer board?

59:27 Can RAM be upgraded and is Dual RAM supported?

01:03:31 What would be sacrificed if MiSTer moved to dual RAM?

01:06:55 Has the expansion bus lost functionality with the removal of the ajacent pins?

01:10:23 Can a realtime clock be added to the system?

01:10:55 What add-ons are ready for launch day?

01:14:33 I hate that SCART is on the top of the case!

01:18:01 What choice of back plates are there?

01:19:20 I'm in the US, what use is SCART to me?

01:21:15 Can I have S-Video or other video outputs?

01:22:30 Is the SCART output safe and correctly attenuated?

01:24:05 Can I use video adapter cables on the VGA socket?

01:25:23 Can all three video outputs be used at the same time?

01:26:39 Please give fair acknowledgement of other projects

01:28:24 Can it run Crysis?

01:28:39 How long the MiSTer Multisystem been in development?

01:31:35 What next for the MiSTer Multisystem?

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