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Mass Effect as a LucasArts Demake? | This Week in Retro 30

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12th March 2021 37 min

Mass Effect is being demade as a point and click LucasArts-style adventure--what other modern games do you think deserve similar treatment? Max Reload and the Nether Blasters tries to break the curse of the video game movie, BlueRetro brings bluetooth to multiplayer retro games, and Intellivision is coming to the Evercade. All this and more on This Week in Retro!

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0:00 Show Open

0:38 Mass Effect, LucasArts Style!

9:57 BlueRetro Multiplayer Bluetooth on Classic Consoles

17:10 What's new from Retro Rewind?

18:38 The Curse of the Video Game Movie

24:15 Intellivision Comes to the Evercade

33:23 Community Question of the Week - Is Zelda an RPG?

35:14 Amiga RGB to HDMI Adapter Drawing

This week's community question of the week is "What modern game would you like to see demade into a point-and-click adventure? Post your answer on our show subreddit!

Story Links:

1. Mass Effect, Lucas Arts style!

2. Multiplayer through Bluetooth on classic consoles

3. The curse of the “Video Game Movie”

4. Intellivision comes to the Evercade

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