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Just CPC4ATX - My first Micro Computer has been Cloned! | Tech Nibble

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15th April 2021 19 min

The Amstrad CPC was my first ever computer, a British 8bit classic that found populatity home and abroad, especially in France and Spain. A machine that is steeped in nostalgia and retro computer memories for me, but like all old computers, they are slowly failing. We can spend all our time recapping, repairing and restoring them, but sometimes you just want a reliable retro gaming experience, and that's where the Just CPC4ATX comes in. Let's take a look at what it is.

Please note: No Amstrads were harmed in the making of this board. The creator has asked me to highlight that only NOS (New Old Stock) chips were used, CPC's were not sacrificed for its creation.

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00:00 Intro


02:13 What is the JustCPC4ATX

07:42 Testing the base spec

10:20 Testing Amstrad upgrades

17:42 Conclusion

●Useful M4 Commands

|Tape - Switch to tape loading mode

|Disc - Switch to disc mode

|SD - switch the microSD Card

|M4romoff - disable the M4 until reboot

Connect to your WiFi

|netset,"name=CPC6128, ssid=NETGEAR, pw=12345678, dhcp=1, dns1=, dns2="

|netstat - shows the status of the connection

|upgrade - Goes out the the internet to check for updates

|version - Displays the current update version

Get a dsk off the internet


Full command set:

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