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h0ffman | A life in The Demoscene & Music Production | Legends in The Cave

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5th March 2023 1 hr 26 min

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The demoscene is rich with creativity, talent and tales of the people who contribute to it. Veteren "scener" h0ffman tells us his story today from the origins of the scene to modern day demo parties and all that's involved in being a part of it.

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● Chapters

00:00 Intro

00:12 Book a visit at

09:34 Amigaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

10:23 h0ffman on Discovering the demoscene

11:33 Where did the demoscene come from?

14:47 Our first productions

21:27 Unethical methods of sharing data!

28:14 Further releases

36:40 What is a demoparty & returning to demos?

53:49 First album release

1:00:55 Making my own demos

1:11:11 Anything can be a demo platform

1:19:00 Game development

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