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Did We Really Witness the Potential of Sega's Tower of Power?

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31st August 2023 41 min

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What was Sega's Tower of Power? Today I'm adding the ultimate Mega Drive to The Cave. Comprising of a stack of upgrades which flopped commercially, is the tower greater than the sum of its parts? Let's find out.

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● Chapters

00:00 What is the Sega Tower of Power

02:49 Who are

03:13 Mega Drive and Bass

03:40 The Parts Needed for a Tower of Power

10:08 Visiting Retro Games HQ in Swindon

12:17 Getting Advice from Mark Fixes Stuff

15:39 Servicing the Sega Mega CD

20:26 How to wire up a Sega Tower of Power

24:18 Testing Games on the Sega Tower of Power

37:39 Closing Thoughts

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