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Did Sinclair influence your life? This Week in Retro 52

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27th September 2021 45 min

Pinball arcades and town councils, Retro Arch on Steam, Joust flaps onto the CoCo, and the passing of Sir Clive. All this and our community question of the week!

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0:00 Show Open

0:33 Can a pinball arcade save a small town?

9:05 RetroArch appears on Steam

17:00 Joust flaps onto the CoCo

27:14 The passing of Sir Clive Sinclair

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Episode 52 Credits:

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Parts of "Joust transcode to the CoCo 3 by Glen Hewlett" courtesy of I'm a CoCo Nut -

Part of "Sinclair C5 - 1985 EV Restoration and Test Drive | Retro Road Trip" courtesy of RMC - The Cave -

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