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Cut Price MiSTer Is Here! - This Week In Retro 170

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11th May 2024 1 hr 18 min

Commodore International filed for bankruptcy 30 years ago in 1994. There is the UK petition to force games publishers to commit to ensuring that games endure after any web dependency is shut down. Would you like a reduced cost MiSTer? If the answer is yes you might be in luck.

We are sponsored by Pixel Addict magazine and the latest issue is now available from It's main feature is about classic games that used current events (at the time) as inspiration.

Joining us today is John “Chucky” Hertell. Well known in the Amiga world he’s created such wonders as the reAmiga 1200, a reverse engineered A1200 with lots of extras, likewise with the Amiga 4000 and a whole lot more besides. Check his blog out:

Sign the UK petition:

00:00 - Show Opening

05:21 - 30 Years Without Chicken Lips (Commodore)

Story Link:

18:26 - Life Support For Video Games

Story Link:

34:00 - Dave's Housekeeping

ST Demoscene History:

BBC Breakfast Retro:

Retro Boardgames:

Betting On Arcade Games:

Sindy Is 60:

The Internet In Decline:

BASIC Is Also 60:

Zork Speedrun:

Infocom Catalogue:

44:18 - Mister Cheapskate

Story Link:

01:06:16 - Community Question of the Week

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