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Commodore Amiga Floppy breakthrough for all Emulation fans

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3rd June 2021 14 min

🛠 Check out PCBWay at for all your PCB needs! 🛠 The Commodore Amiga has always had a compatability problem with floppy disks on other platforms, we just can't read them easily. Emulation fans are used to the ADF format and we can rip disks within the Amiga OS ourselves on real hardware or by using additional hardware on a modern PC. But ripping disks isn't the same as just popping them in the drive and running them. Thanks to the hard work of Rob Smith that gap has now been bridged.

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00:00 Why can't we read Amiga disks?

01:30 PCBWay thank you

01:56 Prototype Designs for the USB Amiga Floppy

02:36 Testing and capabilities of the USB Amiga Floppy

04:38 Problems ripping some games and workarounds

06:40 WinUAE new options

09:48 Exploring more Amiga disks

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