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Atari's $3000 Virtual Sneakers | This Week in Retro 32

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4th April 2021 32 min

Atari's NFT Sneakers sell for $3000. Who's buying? Plus the Playstation finally gets a softmod 27 years in, retro greats judge a new code contest, and a rare Neo Geo game is found in a California field. All this and more on This Week in Retro!

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Story Links:

0:00 Show Open

0:33 The 27 year Playstation hack

8:39 Another one of a kind game unearthed in a field

15:44 Amiga RGB to HDMI Drawing Extended!

17:11 Have your retro code judged by the greats

22:18 Atari NFT Sneakers

Neil: All this and our Community Question of the Week, on This Week in Retro.

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Video and Image Credits:

Samurai Shodown 64 footage kindly supplied by Video Game Esoterica -

Playstation 1 Softmod footage kindly supplied by Modern Vintage Gamer -

EPYX Logo Public Domain,

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