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Amiga 500 Trash to Treasure Pt.4 | The Finished Amiga

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4th October 2017 9 min

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(adjusted audio and extras)

Welcome to part 4 of my Trash to Treasure Amiga series. The episode that was never meant to be, but the British weather delayed us from finishing in part 3. Thanks to the help of a UV light I finished up the retrobriting and here's the final result, as well as some memories I have from using the system. Enjoy.

● Corrections

Turrican 2 in the final montage is the PC version, oops! This will be rectified when I release the series in a single video.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Full Series Redux:

(adjusted audio and extras)

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Amiga - 'Eclipse' (1990) by 4-mat (Matthew Simmonds)

Amiga - 'Space Debris' (1991) by Captain/Image (Markus Kaarlonen).

● Montage Footage:

Boing Ball Demo


Shadow of the Beast


Operation Stealth

Rick Dangerous


Space Balls


Darkmere : The Nightmare's Begun

Rainbow Islands


Speedball 2


Workbench Speech Utility

Stuntcar Racer



Batman the Movie

Vista Pro



Turrican 2

James Pond Robocod

Parachute Joust

Monkey Island

Another World



Jesus on E's

Canon Fodder

Deluxe Paint


3D Construction Kit

Blood Money

First Samurai

Easy Amos


Shadow of the Beast 2 (Game Over)

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