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A very first look at the MiSTer Multisystem games console

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26th August 2021 18 min

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The MiSTer and FPGA gaming has been one of the most exciting things in retro gaming in recent years in my opinion. I've been enjoying it in all its forms, from the stacked bare bones style system to the MiSTer Fusion desktop I built, but I've always wanted a console style model that consolodates all of those boards into one, and makes the point of entry into the MiSTer world nice and simple for potential users. So we made it!

This is the MiSTer Multisystem.

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00:00 Intro

00:27 The MiSTer Multisystem in use

03:00 What is the MiSTer Multisystem?

06:12 Who are PCB Way?

07:00 MiSTer Multisystem tear down

14:22 Who built the MiSTer Multisystem and how much is it?

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